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spo004 Caretaker - $200 per month

The ladies love sponsors, and they'll love you, too for sponsoring one or more of them.

For a renewing sponsorship of $200 a month (this amount will be due monthly), you will receive the following items:

  • Certificate with a photo of your sponsored lady
  • A birthday card
  • A Christmas card
  • An OMRH hat

Please include the name of the mare you'd like to sponsor in the Personalization field.

Each mare needs to be sponsored for up to $400/month, so any one mare can have multiple sponsors.

Other sponsorship levels include:
Peppermint Provider: $20 up to $50 per month
Carrot Contributor: $60 up to $90 per month
Keeper: $100 per month (covers feed and farrier)
Angel: $400 per month (covers everything except for extreme vet bills)

Check out the perks for our other sponsorship levels as well!

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